Minibranding Starts Here!

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl signed this fan's arm; she turned it into a tattoo.

Before you do any branding work, it’s important to get an idea of where you are now. Here are a few ideas on how to benchmark your

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November Blogshop Weekend Workshop

Need a marketing tool that you control? Love to write? Need a quick and inexpensive website that you can update? Join this month’s Blogshop Weekend and have your blog/website up by Monday.

You will purchase a hosting package (through Hostgator), install WordPress on your self-hosted site, and learn the WordPress interface. IT professionals are on hand

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Blogshop Santa Fe Now Open

I presented my first Blogshop (blogging workshop) last weekend at the Santa Fe Complex. With 8 eager participants. we worked for 3 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday and 8 new blogs were born! To read more, and to sign up for the next hands-on Blogshop, go to I hope to see you

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An Invitation to Blogshop

Blogshop is a weekend workshop that will get you up and blogging in 2 days. Melissa J White–marketing designer and professional blogger–will teach a 4 part series that will include the art of blogging and the technical skills to get you to your

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One-Night Website Part 7: Adding Content

Here’s the website with content added and photos sized to fit. I chose this design because it was fully CSS and included some nice callout boxes. I also liked the palette of colors: melon and rich grey. These colors are in the artist’s work, yet create a subtle background that doesn’t detract.

The header includes the

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One-Night Website Part 6: Math & Design

1:00 am MST: I actually love staying up late at night; the house is quiet, the orange cat sleeps at my feet for company, Facebook goes wacky, the internet goes down…what? There’s a red light on my internet modem. Oh crap. I’ll think about that later.

There’s still more to do before the fun part of

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One-Night Website Part 5: Layout

12:00am MST: Now that the night is waning, I’m going to start making time constraints on this One-Night Website redesign.

So–I am not going to even go into Photoshop — not yet, anyway. I’ll have to go right to code for the layout. As an intermediary, I think I’ll use Excel to set up a table-like

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One-Night Website Part 3: Sitemap

9:00pm MST: I did the first version of the sitemap a few days ago. Here’s how: I took the keywords that received the largest effectiveness ratio between number of searches and number of occurrences and used as many as possible as navigation headers while keeping close to the intent of the client and her work.


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One Night Website: Part 2, Procrastinating

What have I been doing the last hour since  announced I had to have this website mockup done tonight?

8:00pm MST: So I spent the last hour writing the previous post, tweetng, fb-ing and alerting my blogging friends, tweaking my blog theme, getting a refreshment and now it is 8pm. How time flies. I also checked

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One Night Website: Part 1, the Plan

Create an entire working website mockup in one evening? Stress much?

7:00pm MST: I’d rather be watching “2012″ with my son, but I have a meeting with my client tomorrow afternoon and must deliver a working mockup.

So I thought I’d help myself focus and give you some play-by-play tips as the night unfolds. The goal? Not

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