One-Night Website Part 3: Sitemap

9:00pm MST: I did the first version of the sitemap a few days ago. Here’s how: I took the keywords that received the largest effectiveness ratio between number of searches and number of occurrences and used as many as possible as navigation headers while keeping close to the intent of the client and her work.

For instance, the keyword phrase “gourd art” was searched almost 500 times in 12 months and occurred on 63k sites. According to our keyword researcher, Clare at WESST, it has a very high ranking, so I’m using that exact phrase for the second navigation button because it matches exactly what Ami does.

I’m using Excel to create this sitemap because it is simple and boxy. The yellow background in the boxes indicate exact keyword matches.

Sitemap in Excel

Under each main nav button, I have listed the contents on that page. I went  to Ami’s current site and made sure I had included everything (except for the section she doesn’t want to carry over to the new design.)

Now that I have all the products accounted for and organized in their newly-keworded sections, the next step is to figure out how many different templates I will need to build. Which pages should have new sub-pages and which can I get away with just having same-page anchor tags? Stay tuned!

If you’re up and listening, chime in with a comment!


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